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Robin J Ryan

Rob RyanDirector & Manager, Melbourne


Robin having obtained his Leaving Certificate in 1968 began in the insurance industry with Auto Fire & General Insurance Limited, 277 William Street, Melbourne in the Underwriting Department and after training in all facets of General Insurance Underwriting, was then transferred to the Endorsement & Renewal Section.
Robin then moved to South British Insurance Limited, 160 Queen Street, Melbourne (now CGU) where he spent the next 3 years in claims; Motor Vehicle, Workers Compensation, Home Insurance and Public Liability attaining the position of Claims Supervisor.
Robin played football in Darwin for 2 years before returning to Melbourne in 1977 where he became a Trainee Investigator in CTP Claims for RACV Insurance, The State Insurance Office and the Incorporate Nominal Defendant before branching into Motor Vehicle/Home Insurance Fraud and Public Liability Claims Investigations in 1984.
Robin has been a principal working Director and Shareholder for one of Melbourne’s major insurance investigation companies since 1981, and has a wide variety of expertise in the investigation and management of staff involving investigation of all types of fraud and liability claims, general insurance, motor vehicle, home, public liability and CTP both factual and surveillance.
Since 1978, Robin has personally carried out the investigation enquiries for all  types of insurance claims, has supervised subcontractors and compiled, and vetted the necessary investigation reports.
He has directly managed more than 10,000 separate investigations and trained, and supervised some 50 investigators in the last 15 years together with the development of one of Victoria’s major insurance investigation companies.


Jen Young

jenGroup Information Manager


Jen is responsible for the implementation, operation and ongoing development of the group's technology assets, including the enterprise case-management system.





John Giri


Group Compliance & Training Manager


John has worked in the investigations industry since 1988 and is a qualified investigations trainer.  John's technical background is in the use of sophisticated IR and laser technology. He is a training practice leader and works to promote high standards of education and compliance qualifications within the investigations industry.


Jutta Ryan

uteOffice and Finance Manager

Jutta has worked in Finance and Administration since 1978 and with us since 1991.  She has excelled at all aspects of business management and financial control and is a major asset in the smooth seamless operation of the group.




Chris Blackman

Chris Blackman - ASVP Group  

Business Strategy/Development Manager

With over twenty-five years in corporate general management and ten years in business consulting, Chris has experience in establishing strategic business plans for a wide range of SME and very large organisations.   Chris, through his consulting firm ASVP Group, is responsible for developing the R J Ryan & Associates business model and creating an execution framework to ensure the companies success in the investigation industry as a founding member of the Crux Investigation Group.